Let's start with the easy part... 

My name is Emerson Graves and I've been walking this earth in search of the one thing that fuels the flame in my soul; metalsmithing was just that. 

My journey began when I was a tiny little toddler. My Great Uncle had just passed away leaving his prized art supply collection to me. My parents did not hesitate to give me the tools that sparked my creativity. 

As I grew older, my desire to create, problem solve and build only became stronger. I had a strange affinity to making tiny works of art out of the large canvases they gave to us young school children. I just wanted to make something that was small enough to be able to carry with me and admire throughout the day. This is also where my love for rocks and pebbles came from. I would sit by myself on the ground during recess and collect all the scrap rocks from the playground. They were utterly fascinating to my untrained eyes; the sparkle of quartz, the smooth sides of pebbles, the uniform banding and striations. 

The blending of these two passions didn't come together until late into my high school career. For one week of a studio class, we learned how to  do Lost Wax Casting. I was inthralled, borderline obsessed with the project. To my complete dismay, my ring did not turn out into anything even remotely wearable and I didn't pursue it any further. 

It wasn't until my late 20 somethings that I decided to revisit the idea of metalsmithing. I was working at a Tattoo and Piercing studio with my husband. While there, I learned a lot more details about body jewelry, stone quality and identification, polish and design. It took some searching, but I was able to find a summer course at a University about an hour away that offered Intro to Metatlsmithing.

With the knowledge learned from these few classes, I felt comfortable with the basics and craved more. I obsessively scoured the internet for more videos and makers to follow. The only issue is I didn't have any tools or work space to apply all my newly learned techniques. 

That was about to change...

On vacation with my family in the Northern part of Lower Peninsula of Michigan, I came across a jeweler who was retiring and closing her shop. I decided to see if she had any interest in selling some of her tools. She was elated to have found someone who would appreciate her well loved instruments of creation. I managed to pick up most of the tools I use on the jewelry I make today as well as my beloved Jeweler's Bench. All of it with the warmth and lived-in comfort you'd expect from decades of use. 

Adorned Smithing Co. came into fruition on a drive home from this trip with my husband contemplating what I was going to turn this passion into that the name came to be. 

After a lot of hours, late nights, long mornings, trials, tribulations, blood, sweat and tears I started making progress in growing my tiny business. 

I aim to only use the highest quality stones and materials in my work. The purpose of my endeavors was to create something you could love and cherish for not only in the years to come, but for the generations to follow. My hope is that these pieces will be something you can pass down to your loved ones. 

Not only do I make Collections which will be available for purchase online, but I am currently accepting custom orders. If you are interested in contacting me about a custom piece, please email me at adornedsmithingco@gmail.com for more information. 

No for the more difficult part...

This site will not only be host to my most recent jewelry collections, I also plan to document my journey as a metalsmith and small business owner. We all have our ups and downs in life and I would like to be open with all of you about some of those roller coaster moments. Some of my posts will be a more intimate look at my daily and personal life, while others might be a jewelry tutorials, information I've gathered about business & marketing, a recent collection of stones I picked up, or videos I find to be instructive.

My goal is to help you feel more connected with the small business and person you are supporting. It will be raw, mildly polished but mostly an extension of my never ending thought processes. My blog can be found under the tab Raw Material - Journal of a Metalsmith

Thank you all so much for your unwavering support and I hope this journey proves to be enlightening and insightful. 

- Emerson

Owner & Metalsmith of Adorned Smithing Co.