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The Struggles and the The Successes

Today is a good day. I am motived and ready to conquer it all. From sitting at my bench to ordering supplies, returning emails and doing my accounting; I'm in it. Yesterday was less so the case. I sat at my bench for 2 hours, unable to get over the anxiety of turning on my torch and getting started on new projects. Have you ever been so overwhelmed with the pressure you put on yourself that you can't even move? This is my struggle on most days. I want nothing more than to work hard for this dream. I want to make the very best jewelry that I can, I want to be vigilant in getting your orders done promptly, I want to return your messages as quickly as possible, and first and foremost, I want you to be happy with the experience you have with me. This all takes many hours, lots of forethought and careful planning. At this pinnacle moment in my journey, I am also splitting my time with another part-time job (that I absolutely love as well). However, there are times I feel spread thin and can't manage the work load I put on myself.... and that's when I get days like yesterday. I work through the anxiety and get what I can done, but at the end of the day, my husband has to remind me that being hard on myself doesn't accomplish anything. 

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